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TEACH - Enriching the Learning Experience

As online educators, a question many of us face, is how can I enrich the online experience for my learners? The modules in this course focus on the creation of a “Teaching Presence” through developing the knowledge and skills required to create a positive learning environment. As a participant in this course you will focus on several key areas to maximize and support your learners. Key areas of activity include: designing and administering learning activities, efficient time management, establishing and maintaining an active learning community, and providing direct instruction.

Recommended perquisite: OTL 101 or OTL 201

Intended Learning Outcomes

You will be able to

  1. analyze the characteristics of ‘teaching presence’ in an effective distance learning environment;
  2. critique your teaching presence in light of the characteristics of effective distance learning environments;
  3. evaluate the ways that interactions occur in a distance learning environment and develop ideas to encourage high quality educative interactions;
  4. devise, implement, and reflect on the effect of these strategies for efficient time management;
  5. explore the use of digital tools to enhance teaching presence and promote student learning;
  6. identify gaps in your current practice and establish relevant goals related to improving and enhancing your teaching presence in your courses;
  7. monitor your progress towards achieving your goals resulting in an improved and enhanced teaching presence in your courses.

Module 1


Hello and welcome to OTL301, "TEACH- Enriching the Learning Experience" We trust that this will be an informative and challenging course. Designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to build a deep and meaningful learning experience for your students. This course is one of three courses offered by Thompson Rivers University Open Learning's Program Delivery department and is based on the venerable Community of Inquiry (CoI) model of teaching and learning described by Randy Garrison, Terry Anderson and Walter Archer in their article Critical Inquiry in a Text-Based Environment: Computer Conferencing in Higher Education.

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