August 21 Program goals

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  • Ability to frame and contextualize issues in a rapidly changing environment characterized by social and technological change grounded in the history and key texts of the field
  • Ability to identify needs and facilitate learning in multiple contexts such as organizational, K-12, Hhigher education, not for profit and community settings
  • Facility across media and ability to utilize appropriately in the development of learning environments
  • Facility with wide range of communication and collaboration tools
  • Conversant in theories of learning related to technology, social networks and media
  • “Learning design”; program development, implementation and evaluation

Cross-program competencies

  • Ability to conduct critical analysis
  • Communicate effectively in formal and informal settings
  • Awareness of ethical and legal issues and implications – e.g. FIPPA, copyright, identity, access, ownership, safety (e.g. cyberbullying)
  • Developing a professional profile and managing identities
  • Learning design, program development and implementation
  • Moving beyond how-to
  • Maintain currency in relevant literature