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TRU-OL Curriculum Media Development Group members Jon Fulton, Bob Byrne, and Rob Swanson, along with TRU Director, Innovation Brian Lamb will be facilitating this workshop.

Introduction to Sound/Video Camp

The TRU-OL Curriculum Media Development Group (formerly the Media Team) will offer an all-day workshop for OL Faculty Members interested in best-use practices of media in OL courses. We’re keen to hear what attendees most want to learn about and will tailor our facilitation to fit the OLFM needs, but here are some suggested topics:

CAPTURING VIDEO AND SOUND - Simple tips can greatly enhance the production value of any media piece you produce, or ask students to produce as coursework. We’ll look at things like how to frame video in a compelling manner; sound capturing tips to ensure the audio is coherent and captivating; and the importance of solid production values in an educational setting.

EVALUATING MEDIA – There’s no shortage of videos, animations, graphics and assorted multi-media available and accessible in every academic discipline. Being able to astutely judge the usability when choosing which third party media to include in your course material is something we can help you evaluate.

SHARING MEDIA PIECES WITH STUDENTS – More and more students are being asked to submit audio or video pieces for course evaluation. We’d like to hear your stories about what formats seem to be working best and offer some feedback on how to make this sharing of media as easy as possible.

Guiding Questions



  • The portal is where participants will collaborate and record their learning during the workshop.