OLFM Workshop/Planning/Track 1

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Kelly Warnock, Ken Munroe, John O'Brien


Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their views on effective feedback
  • Plan opportunities to give feedback on formative learning activities.
  • Create meaningful rubrics for their courses
  • Use assessment and communication tools on Blackboard

Guiding Questions

1. What is effective feedback?

2. How do we give students feedback? (what kind, how often, what modality, etc.)


Key Terms:

  • Learning activities
  • Assessment
  • Formative
  • Summative
  • Rubrics
  • Just-in-time Teaching

Key Research

Communication Strategies

  • Initial Course Feedback (Introductions/welcome letter, Navigating the Course)
  • Preparing for Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Formative Feedback

Feedback on Assignments

  • Essay/Journal
  • Presentations
  • Tests/Quizzes

Blackboard Features

  • Rubrics
  • Student Data (categories of student interactions/submissions)
  • Survey/poll
  • Audio feedback


  • Discuss effective strategies
  • Problem-Solving / Case Studies
  • Evaluating Rubrics
  • Presentation (on key issues/research)
  • Teaching and Learning Portal
  • The portal is where participants will collaborate and record their learning during the workshop.


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