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Embed code for every page. So Sandbox:Test_Course on Kumu could be viewed in any web environment. Such as a WordPress space, a Learning Management System (such as Blackboard and/or Moodle), or the the TRU website. (WordPress also has its own plugin for even more precise rendering of MediaWiki pages.)

The "book creator" creates clean and formatted PDF or EPUB versions of assembled content in the Kumu space on the fly.

Namespaces and subpages. Automatically generated indices. Example. UBC Course Space.

Transclusion - easily allows for blocks of content to be reused and updated easily across the system.

Special:UploadWizard - guides copyright compliant media sharing.

InstantCommons - allow the usage of any uploaded media file from the Wikimedia Commons. Excellent media and page metadata (stats, citation, etc...).