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Image by vuOng

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Digital Storytelling

Recent local examples:

Mashups and appropriation art

Appropriation is a distinctive trait of modern art in all genres.

Music: Raiding the 20th Century - music file, sources


Background on copyright, fair dealing, and open licensing frameworks such as Creative Commons

A note on protection of privacy

British Columbia's legislation:

Also, be aware that:

You are not Facebook's customer. You are the product they sell to their customers, which are advertisers. This rule applies to almost all free online services.

Google is best understood as an advertising agency.

The Edward Snowden NSA revelations suggest an almost unfathomable scope of online spying.

Most Canadian web traffic routes through the United States.

Canada is a partner in the "5 Eyes" alliance.

"The reality is if you're on the internet, you literally might as well be on the front page of the Globe and Mail" - John Adams, former chief of the Communications Security Establishment of Canada


Be aware in your studies and your private life. Try to make informed decisions. Keep in mind that this assignment does not require you to use US-based cloud services.


All lab computers at TRU have Windows Movie Maker installed. Getting started with Windows Movie Maker, collection of short video tutorials