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Data Stewardship & Analytics for Learning & Teaching (DSALT) Working Group

Terms of Reference

Focus: Determine existing, potential, and approved access and use to Student and Instructor data for enhancing teaching and learning at TRU, and propose TRU decision-making on access and use processes, governance and policy.


a)    Development of principles and the scope they apply to

b)   Student consent guidelines and sample

c)    List of data sources, relevant systems and access rules

d)   List of relevant polices & policy needing revising

e)   Guidelines and mechanisms for review for decisions about technology, policy and implementation for access and use of student data.

f)     A webpage (repository, hub) for students, faculty, about policy and governance of data stewardship and analytics.

Scope: Students’ and Instructors’ data from all sources within TRU and through TRU agreements (including software agreements) for sufficient consideration of existing use and access.

Report to: Teaching and Learning Committee

Role: group, informing, providing insight & review, approvals. Expertise, transferability, credibility and relevance.

Engage by: monthly report, review & provide feedback, approve pilots, make informal and formal recommendations, receive working group reports and make decisions.

Committee Structure of Data Stewardship & Analytics for Learning & Teaching (DSALT) working group

Role: meet to receive task group reports & decide next steps; recommend to TLC)

Co-chairs (facilitating, timelines, processes): Brian Lamb & Carolyn Hoessler

Task groups (deliverable focused; work between working group meetings; report to working group taskforce; have working meetings with minimal tasks; membership based on specific topics such as data warehouse/storage/accessing; student consent policy; reporting and external release).

(Current) Membership:

IT – Hugh Burley (security and privacy)


Library/Faculty – Amy Paterson

ID/Faculty – Michelle Harrison

Faculty eLearning Coordinator – Brenna Clarke Gray

Dean Gregory Anderson

Privacy – Laurel Wale

Faculty – Andrew Fergus (SOBE), Sasha Kondrashov (EDSW)

Undergraduate Student – Dipak Parmar

Graduate Student –

Indigenous Representative

Faculty of Student Development (Early Alert, Student Affairs)

Registrar; Enrollment Services

Approved by working group members on November 25, 2020.