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Welcome to the TRU Open Educational Resources Wiki

This wiki contains links to a variety of resources on Open Educational Resources (OER) for faculty and staff at TRU. An important key to using OER is understanding how to use and apply Creative Commons licensing. Please ensure that any resources accessed through these links have the appropriate license for the type of use you have in mind and that you follow through with any of the requirements of the license.

If you have accessed or used any of these sites, please leave a comment for others by clicking on the Edit link and then use the Comment tool to leave a note (remember to Save). If you have any other suggestions or new resources to add, feel free to edit the page or [email me] with the information. This is an open wiki and anyone is free to add content or edit content. If mistakes are made any page can be easily reverted to a previous version.

Thanks for your participation in this project.

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