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Every user in Moodle can adjust preferences to customize their Moodle experience. You access your preferences in the top right of the screen:
Edit Preferences 1 JAN2019.png
Click arrow beside your user name then click Prefereces. This will take you to your preferences page and from here you can customize your Moodle preferences.
Edit Preferences 2 JAN2019.png

Preference Options

Edit Profile - Click Edit profile to access information in your viewable profile. Note: this area can also be directly accessed from same menu you accessed Preferences from.
Change password - you should not be changing your password in Moodle as it is tied into a number of other systems at TRU. You can change your password by going to MyTRU.
Preferred language - You can change your preferred language to something that you are more comfortable with (or want to practise). Note: This will only change the language for Moodle preferences, while all course material and interactions will remain in English.
Forum preference - Set up how your format of forum emails, default subscription settings, and how you track post and replies on forums.
Editor preferences - This allows you to change the text editor you see when entering content directly into Moodle. It is recommended you leave as default editor.
Course preferences - These preferences only apply if you have container building privileges.
Calendar preferences - These control how your calendar displays in Moodle
Security Keys - This provides an RSS special token. Not typically used in our Moodle environment.
Message Preferences - This setting allows you to control your notifications from the "Messages" tool
Notification Preferences - These settings control how the various Moodle tools eg. Assignment tool give you notifications.