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[[File:Moodle Groups 3.png|centre|frame]]
[[File:Moodle Groups 3b.png|centre|frame]]
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[[File:Moodle Groups 4.png|centre|frame]]
[[File:Moodle Groups 4b.png|centre|frame]]
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[[File:Moodle Groups 5b.png|centre|frame]]
=Allocating Students=
=Allocating Students=
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[[File:Allocate Students 1.png|centre|frame]]
[[File:Allocate Students 1b.png|centre|frame]]
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[[File:Allocate Students 2.png|centre|frame]]
[[File:Allocate Students 2b.png|centre|frame]]
===Click 'Back to groups' to select the next group.===
===Click 'Back to groups' to select the next group.===
[[File:Allocate Students 3.png|centre|frame]]
[[File:Allocate Students 3b.png|centre|frame]]

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Creating Groups

In the 'Administration' block, click 'Users', then 'Groups'.

Moodle Groups 1b.png

Click 'Create Group' to create a single group, or 'Auto-create groups' to create multiple groups.

Moodle Groups 2b.png

Provide a name for the groups.

Moodle Groups 3b.png

Indicate how you want students allocated to the groups. Choose 'No allocation' to manually allocate students.

Moodle Groups 4b.png

Click 'Submit' to save your settings.

Moodle Groups 5b.png

Allocating Students

From the list of groups, click on the first group, then click 'Add/remove users'.

Allocate Students 1b.png

Select the student(s) from the list on the right, and click 'Add'.

Allocate Students 2b.png

Click 'Back to groups' to select the next group.

Allocate Students 3b.png