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The following are common purposes for including multimedia in online courses:

  • Clarify challenging, complex, and/or difficult concepts.
  • Demonstrate processes, procedures, and/or components.
  • Increase interaction among students, and students and teachers.
  • Integrate and/or apply theory to practice through reflective activities.
  • Accommodate a variety of learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).
  • Promote problem solving.
  • Provide opportunities for reflection.

You will have an opportunity to meet with the Open Learning, Thompson Rivers University multimedia team. During the meeting, you can ask questions and describe any multimedia components you would like to have created. The following link will take you to examples of multimedia developed at Open Learning:

MBA Multimedia: The Media Team will provide the following support to course developers:

  • PowerPoints: Multimedia will contact course developers individually to review course PowerPoints. Here is the template for download:


  • Screen casting: Identified media for each course will be further explored and developed with individual course developers. Click for more information on screencasting.