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OCT 22 2013 Pat, Gail, Melissa, Irwin UPdate Gail 3 courses - capstone for January - provided editing and production OK - priority for Production - assign editor (Irwin) - postings and OLFM in place (Irwin) - CAs textbooks - follow up - feedback had been received - Blueprint was realigned to EPC document at AD request - reviewer - Carol

Leadership - content in - needs design and development

Research methods - 4 modules received - - Gloria to review - Gail received several different outlines from faculty so went back to EPC doc Question of consultants - OK to hire consultants as needed - Feedback had been received for RM -

Pat - move toward program approach to courses rather than individual faculty courses

Decision: Reviewers - post for all courses going forward.

Pat can't provide course release for reviewers.- will find reviewers for MEd development. Gail will contact Pat when courses are ready for reviewer. Will do for all three courses.


Next courses - History and Philosophy, Diversity (Constructing social realities) - posted - Tory Handford could be appropriate for History and Philosophy (mostly F-F teaching at present) - Pat will discuss with Tory - Alison - Diversity (already posted)

Continue with Leadership focus - so...also post Conflict Management course or Educational Management - John Churchley - or Legal issues in Education - Research Institute- Language, Culture and Community - - no developers available - Openness in Education -

3. TIMELINES - Need to develop overall Online MEd implementation plan - Graduate fees? Pat will discuss with Paul Manhas