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July 10th Meeting Agenda

Gail, Irwin, Michelle, Donna

Agenda 1. Course Schedule: Roll out - January for 5011, 5051, 5281, and 5991 (Special topics in education: Openness in Education) We need to ensure our internal resources are prioritized Blended modality - online component - OL providing support and collaboration (tools, open practices) Connection to MEd committee through Donna - Donna will arrange for us to meet with the MEd committee in the fall Students will be able to choose either a F2F or a distance version

Pieces that also need to be coordinated: Marketing - Irwin will contact our Director of Market Registration - Irwin will discuss the OL MEd program with Gord (possibly by Fall 2014 for full OL MEd roll-out) OLFM hiring (through Grad studies)

On campus - Graduate certificate in educational studies (launching in January):

  • individuals who may not have a high enough GPA
  • individuals who may not have a high enough english proficiency

Hiring We will follow the OL process:

  • Send applications to MEd committee via Donna
  • MEd committee provide us with the shortlist of qualified applicants
  • Interview (committee includes OLFM, ID, MEd committee member (or designate)
  • Make recommendations to Donna (Donna will check with Pat on her process)
  • Recommendations go to Irwin for approval and offer
  • IDs draft contracts

Learning outcome changes: Not possible to get these through EPC by January Donna and Pat will work on resolving for January launch (for research course)

By December: One-time approval for courses that have changes in learning objectives

  • Definitely EDUC 5011
  • Gail will check with the 5051

At the blueprint stage: Blueprint review would be one member of the MEd committee (who has expertise in the area).

2. Assessment Criteria For now: Donna will provide feedback on the assessments, run it by Pat and then provide to Gail. Rigour: ensuring a high-level - through wording outcomes, other assessments

Follow up: Add Donna to the wiki September (OLFM postings?) Feedback on Blueprints Gail - 5281 Blueprint this Friday