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OL Student LMS Survey Results:

367 respondents

Layout and look of LMS

The layout and look of the online learning tools has an impact on a student's overall Open Learning Experience (90.7% agreed)

Features that would help students in an Open Learning course include:

  • Easy Navigation ( 81.9%)
  • Ability to print and save content (72.6%)
  • Links to exam scheduling and other academic/social supports (67.1%)
  • Ability to access course through multiple devices (65.5%)
  • Ability to upload files and videos (50.4%)
  • Additional responses (free form text)
    • More correspondence with instructor
    • Specified times
    • More interaction with peers
    • Consolidate multiple information sources
    • One password (single sign on)
    • More new media content
    • Current media and links
    • Diagrams
    • Get rid of the DVDs
    • Training
    • Better email

Communication channels students want to use to interact with other students and their instructor are:

  • With Other Students
    • Discussion Forums (82.6%)
    • Email (81%)
    • Online Chat (64.3%)
  • With Instructor
    • Email (98.9%)
    • Discussion Forums (75.5%)
    • Online Chat (64%)
  • Additional responses (free form text)
    • Phone
    • Interactive Webinars
    • Skype
    • LinkedIn
    • Video Conferencing
    • Wiki
    • Face time
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Video logs (Vlogs)
    • Texting

Features students would like to see incorporated into online courses:

  • Self-scoring quizzes and learning activities (66%/26.5% Very/Somewhat useful)
  • Diagrams, images and other visuals (59%/36.2 % Very/Somewhat useful)
  • Animated demonstrations and simulations (50%/39.4% Very/Somewhat useful)
  • Video Lectures (45.1%/42% Very/Somewhat useful)

Do Students Want the Ability to Publish Course Work Publicly?

79.6% of respondents indicated they would not like this options. The average age of those who respondent "No" is 35.2 years old.

Students would like to provide feedback on the following items throughout their course:

  • Graded Assignments (60.2%/34.8% Very/Somewhat Important)
  • Course Functionality (57.3%/36% Very/Somewhat Important)
  • The Instructor (56.7%/34.6% Very/Somewhat Important)
  • Course Readings (43.7/44.8% Very/Somewhat Important)

Students would like access to the following after the course is completed:

  • Graded Assignments (62.7/26.6% Very/Somewhat Important)
  • Instructor Notes/Commentaries (48.5/34.2% Very/Somewhat Important)
  • Published Readings and online textbooks (40.5/39.1% Very/Somewhat Important)

Apps and Technology Students would like to see (free form text)

  • Video (dynamic lectures)
  • LMS App (Smart phone, ipad, etc)
  • Chat (group/instructor/IT Services)
  • Study Apps (practice questions, flash cards, etc.)
  • Calendar App (with deadlines/study schedule)
  • Mac Friendly
  • Be able to print articles
  • Online quizzes
  • Better Website interface
  • Increase online content - less text books
  • Webinars (interactive)
  • Less Technology
  • Text book online access code
  • Interactive white board video conferencing
  • Simulation tools
  • Specific Technology/Tools Suggested
    • Google + Hangout
    • Quizlet
    • Google Drive
    • SharePoint
    • Skype
    • (course structure)
    • UVic PR diploma program (course structure)
    • Text in HTML or ePub
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Google Chat