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Campus Student Focus Group

The focus group was held with 5 campus students. Two students are currently in the Tourism program, and the other three are in Economics, Marketing, and Human Resources programs.

Describe what you think of when you hear the terms LMS, Learning Environment and Enhanced Technology Learning?

  • Moodle; Computers and Technology in class; Moodle and TopHat
  • Enhanced participation within the class; System to enhance learning
  • Interactive but less hands on. Lots of theory and words which can lead to less learning
  • * Tool or method to connect to students and to share information

How much of an impact do these technologies have on your overall learning?

  • Moodle is good when you miss a class. Getting the information (assignment,lecture, etc) is easier for the student using Moodle
    • But it is only useful if the Faculty Member is using it effectively.
    • There is currently no consistency in the use of Moodle, which makes can take away from the learning
  • TopHat allows interaction within the class and everyone is able to participate and follow along in class. Also able to upload content like slides
    • If used correctly with a standardized process it would help the student

****Most important part is the organizing of the information. Simplify****

What 3 things do you do within the LMS tool the most

Grades, Submit Assignments, Review content

Student 1 - Review content for summaries concepts of the week; Posting polls (answering questions); Miss a class/check missed information Student 2 - Gather documents for the week (slide shows/assignments); Review marks; Upload assignments instead of email or paper copies Student 3 - Quizzes; Grades; Submitting or reviewing documents Student 4 - Checking assignments/due dates; Submitting assignments; Reviewing slides for studying Student 5 - Review/presentations/link; Submitting assignment; Check grades

What changes would you like to see?

  • Communication with in the LMS
    • Make it easier to contact the prof
    • Needs to be more user friendly including the discussions
    • Default settings currently make it hard to email and message
    • Students are using WhatsAPP and Facebook to communicate for group work right now - would like an app withing the LMS.
  • Accessibility
    • Everything accessible through one portal
    • Reliable Mobility - Moodle app does not work well.
  • Course Search
    • Students are not unenrolled. Courses are not removed from Moodle once the course has ended. Students must sift through many courses to find current courses
    • The list of courses is only accessible by one page. Need to go back to one specific page to change courses
  • Enrolment
    • An automatic enrolment process. Currently prof provides a code.
    • There is usually an issue with first time login for each course
  • Announcements/Home Page
    • Want the announcements personalized
    • Surveys listed on home page instead of by email
    • Provide information on events
  • Consistency
    • Everyone use the basic tools and then go from there
    • Consistency across all email
    • Update the information each semester (content, calendars, etc.,)
  • Simple navigation of site