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October 20, 2014

Project framework discussion

Present - Naomi, Carolyn, Michelle, Irwin
Framework discussion Purpose - ideas for project framework - comments welcome - please use disscussion page
In no particular order ...

  • Purpose - big picture vision and connection to TRU strategic goals and priorities - e.g. flexible learning, open learning methods and OER
  • Timelines, roles and responsibilties
  • Problem statement re status quo
  • Environmental scan - LMS futures, textbook publishers, privacy, open educational practices, hardware devices, student trends, open source software
  • SWOT analysis e.g. existing strengths and weaknesses of current model of development and delivery (OL, campus)
  • High level goals/criteria and priorities
  • Needs analysis
  • Design approach - early iterations and feedback? Test environment? Decision points to launch larger project? Buy vs build, hybrid? Proprietary vs open? Etc....
  • Functional requirements
  • Methodology stakeholder engagement - transparency
  • Assumptions and constraints e.g. range of options to be considered within scope of study
  • Available resources
  • Existing/historical resources and efforts
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Use cases
  • UI design considerations
  • Scope of pilot
  • Acceptance criteria/testing cycles/reviewers
  • Training and support for stakeholders
  • Resources for implementation and scaling
  • Review of similar processes (e.g. SFU, JIBC, Fishbone - U Calgary D'Arcy Norman
  • Project governance/structure (org chart)& decision matrix
  • Documentation including GANTT chart, critical path, resources, timelines, milestones