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Technical Tools

Barriers/Enabling Factors to consider

Enabling Study Contradictions Study
Increase interaction Fayez & Said (2012), Ishtawa & Abdulideh (2012) Complexity of the use of tools Stacey & Gerbic (2007)

Napier et al. (2010), Holley & Oliver (2010)

Enhance learning Kose (2010), Eijl et al. (2005), Kenney & Newcombe (2011) Limitations of technology (tool/task misfit) Muscara & Beercock, 2010
Enable flexibility Kose (2010) Slow response time Fayez & Said (2012)
On-task time Stacey & Gerbic (2007)
More active learning Vernadakis et al., (2012)
Easy to use Fayez & Said (2012), Tselios et al (2011)
Increased reflection Fayez & Said (2012)
Available and accessible Muscara & Beercock, 2010

Ensure that tools are accessible, easy to use, incorporated

Design Considerations

Develop a systematic design model that embraces elements identified: COI, UNITE

Barriers/Enabling Factors to consider:

Enabling Factors Study Contradictions Study
Detailed instructions Ishtawa & Abdulideh (2012) Frequent change in learning environment—confusing Donnelly (2010)

Napier et al (2010)

Accurate and careful planning Ishtawa & Abdulideh (2012) Unstable and Fluctuating Donnelly (2010)
Asynchronicity (time to think) Stacey & Gerbic (2007), Fayez & Said (2012) Workload (extra) Eijl et al. (2005), Brew (2008)
Linkages between F2F and Online Stacey & Gerbic (2007) Non-use of materials Orton-Johnson (2009)
Text-based, asynchronous communication Stacey & Gerbic (2007), Brew (2008) Technology as a barrier to learning Orton-Johnson (2009), Holley & Oliver (2010)
Systemic reinforcement amongst learner activities, communications, support, and assessment Stubbs, Martin & Edlar (2006) Diverse student entry-points and needs Jones & Lau (2010)
Formative Feedback mechanisms Eijl et al. (2005)
Active participation Mendez & Gonzalez (2010)
Provision of resources Brew (2008)
Flexibility Holley & Oliver (2010)
Integrating theory and practice Abrahmov & Ronen (2008)

Intellectual property issues