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Instructions for Blackboard Learn 9.1: Setting Availability Exceptions

Availability exceptions can be used to quickly and easily accommodate students who need more time to complete an assessment or who need to access an assessment at a different time.

With Edit Mode ‘ON’, navigate to the list of assessments in your course, click the drop-down menu on the assessment that you want to edit and choose ‘Edit the Test Options.’

Exceptions 1.png

Scroll down to section 3, ‘Test Availability Exceptions,’ and click ‘Add User or Group.’

Exceptions 2.png

Find the student who needs an exception and select the checkbox to the left of their name. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your selection.

Exceptions 3.png

Exceptions 4.png

Edit the settings for the student or group that you have selected:

  • Allow more than one attempt.
  • Allow more time.
  • Change the availability dates.
Exceptions 5.png


We recommend that you NOT use the ‘Force Completion’ feature as it can cause difficulties if students are on an unstable network connection.

Click ‘Submit’ to save your settings.

Exceptions 6.png