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Editing Wikis

Wikis allow course members to easily create and edit web pages while tracking all changes and each members’ contributions.

Click the link to the course wiki

  • The link may be in the Table of Contents or on the course home page.
  • Please contact your instructor if there is no link available.
Edit Wiki 1.png

Click the title of the wiki that you would like to edit.

  • Below the title you can see whether the wiki is a ‘Course Wiki’ or a private ‘Group Wiki’ along with the last modified date.

If your instructor has enabled Groups in your course, you can access a private group wiki on the group home page.

Overview of the Wiki home page.

  • Wiki title.
  • Click to create a new wiki page.
  • Click to see your own contributions to the wiki.
  • See details about the wiki.
  • Wiki Table of Contents. The first page created is the Home Page. Subsequent pages are listed alphabetically.
  • Click to edit the content on the current page.
  • View details on who created and last edited the page.
  • Click to add a comment to the current page.
Edit Wiki 2.png

Click ‘Create Wiki Page’.

Edit Wiki 3.png

Give the page a name and enter content into the Content Editor.

  • Click ‘Submit’.
Edit Wiki 4.png

Your page will be displayed and will be listed alphabetically in the Table of Contents.

Edit Wiki 5.png