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Creating Assessments

In order to use a test or survey in Blackboard Learn 9.1, you must first create the test and then deploy it in a content area, such as a Learning Module or Content Folder, to make it available to students. Open Learning courses will have all required tests and quizzes created and deployed before the course goes live. On Campus Faculty who had their course copied from Blackboard 8 will have had all assessments copied as well but will need to test all assessments prior to deployment.

On Campus Faculty who need to create a new assessment can follow these instructions.

From the Course Management menu, click ‘Control Panel’. Click ‘Course Tools’. Click ‘ Tests, Surveys and Pools’. Click ‘Tests’.

Test 1.png

Click ‘Build Test’.


Give the test a name and description. Create an Assessment

Test 3.png

Enter student instructions and click ‘Submit’.

Test 4.png

You will see a green bar indicating that your test has been created. Click ‘Question Settings’.

Test 5.png

Carefully review and edit the Test Question Settings. Click ‘Submit’.

Test 6.png

On the Test Canvas, hover your cursor over ‘Create Question’ and choose the type of question you would like to create. This tutorial will cover creating a Multiple Choice question. Not all Settings are shown in this tutorial.

Test 7.png

A Question Title is optional. Enter the text of your question in the Content Editor.

Test 9.png

Set the options for the question. These options are not saved for subsequent questions.

Test 8.png

Adjust the number of answer options, if necessary. Enter the correct answer and the distractors in the spaces provided. Make sure you identify which is the correct answer.

Test 10.png

Enter feedback text for correct and incorrect responses. You can edit this setting in the ‘Question Settings’ area (see #5 and #6, above).

Test 11.png

Adding Categories and Keywords (metadata) will help you manage your Question Sets.Enter any Instructor Notes that may be helpful for you. Instructor Notes are not visible to students.

Test 12.png

Click ‘Submit and Create Another’ or ‘Submit’.

Test 13.png

Confirm the details of the item.

  • Use the yellow bar on the left to move the question. Click a ‘+’ sign to add a question before or after the present question.
  • Change the number of points if desired.
  • Once you have created the assessment and added all your questions, you must deploy it into a content area in your course in order for students to access it.
Test 14.png

Deploy an Assessment

From the course homepage, hover your cursor over ‘Build Content’ and choose ‘Content Folder’.

Test 15.png

Give the Content Folder a relevant name. Use the Content Editor to enter instructions, if necessary.

Test 16.png

Edit Learning Module options. Make sure that you permit users to view the content. Click ‘Submit’.

Test 17.png

Click on the Content Folder on your homepage.

Test 18.png

Hover your cursor over ‘Assessments’ and choose ‘Test’.

Test 19.png

Select a test from the list of existing tests. Click ‘Submit’.

Test 20.png

Carefully review and edit the Test Options.

Test 21.png

Make sure that you make the link available so that students can access the test.

  • Check the ‘Force Completion’ checkbox if you want students to complete the assessment in one sitting.
  • Check the ‘Set Timer’ check box and enter the amount of time students are allowed to complete the assessment.
  • Choose ‘ON’ if you want the assessment to save and submit automatically at the end of the allotted time.
Test 22.png

If you have selected the ‘Force Completion’ option, and students use the ‘Back’ button in their browser, the exam will be submitted automatically. Please see the ‘Test Presentation’ options (#14) below for more information.

Set the availability dates to control when students will have access to the link to the assessment.

  • If you leave the boxes unchecked, the link will always be available to all users.
  • Click the ‘Password’ checkbox and enter a password if you would like to control access to the assessment with a password.
Test 23.png

If individual students or groups need different access times for the assessment, click ‘Add User or Group’, choose the users or groups and set the different access times.

Set the assessment due date, if any, and indicate whether students will be able to start the assessment after the due date ahs passed.

Test Options 4.png

Set the self-assessment options.

Test Options 5.png

Determine when students will see feedback on their performance and what information they will see. You may set up to two different conditions as exemplified in the screenshot.

Test Options 6.png

Determine how the test will be presented.

It is recommended that you present questions all at once to avoid the need for students to use the ‘Back’ button in their browser. See the note in #8, above.

Test Options 7.png

Click ‘Submit’ to deploy the test.

Test 24.png

A test that has not been made available will be greyed out.

Test 25.png