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* Cross platform service.
* Cross platform service.
*Click the link for a free download and tutorial: http://trusoundcamp.net/how-to/edit-sound-files/
*Click the [[trusoundcamp.net/how-to/edit-sound-files/|here]] for a free download and tutorial
===MP3 Cutter===
===MP3 Cutter===

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Open Source/Free Audio Editing Tools


  • Cross platform service.
  • Click the here for a free download and tutorial

MP3 Cutter

Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS)

Audio Tool

A list of 25 free audio editors

Audio recording tools

Audio Recorder

  • Free phone app by Sony Mobile Communications.
  • Available on android app store.
  • Works with tablets, SmartBands, stereos, etc.
  • Read all about it here : [[2]]


  • Free phone app optimized for Apple phones.
  • Available on Apple marketplace.