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What is a rubric?

  • A scoring guide that outlines criteria for assessment with different levels or standards of performance.
  • Identifies all the needed attributes of quality or development in a process, product or performance and defines different levels for each of these attributes.


  • Sets clear expectations – conveys expectations for students work and achievement in ways that students can understand and use
  • Links learning outcomes directly to assessment expectations
  • Help students meet their goals
    • identifies attributes of exemplary work
    • monitor their own performance and achievement
  • Reinforces the importance of using and providing evidence
  • Can help teachers justify and validate grades – a transparent process


  • Do they go far enough?
    • clarity at the expense of description and responsiveness?
  • Most criteria are complex, multidimensional
    • may be difficult to articulate
    • often 'tacit' in the mind of the teacher


Feedback for discussions/blog postings - EDDL 514 Susan De La Paz, Heuristics for Developing Writing Strategies - File:Pages from Heuristics for Developing Writing Strategies.pdf

Illinois State Board of Education, Science Communication


Individually or in your group (or find those with similar discipline specific interests), create a rubric (on paper, using the following link, or adapt the template provided) that you can use in your practice. Summative Assessment Ideas