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Using the Kumu Wiki in your course

Wikis are widely used in education and they allow classes to collaborate and publish writing projects. We see instructors as primary contributors and leaders in this space, but you never know – students could use this space to create or discuss content for the course, inventory old final exams, or write assignments. Just remember, this space is, like the rest of Kumu wiki, wide open to anyone at TRU to write and to anyone else in the world to read.

The course space is designated with the prefix Course:.

Using the Kumu Wiki for Course Work

Interested in putting your course content on the Kumu Wiki? See the article Using the Kumu Wiki for Course Work for an in-depth overview on how to organize and create course pages.

The course space is for instructors, students, and individuals to post, organize, and collaborate on course content. Content should be organized under the class number using subpages. While any individual (including the instructor) does "own" any particular class space, this is still an area that can be used as an individual work space for class projects, collaborative work, and the like. Outside editing of articles in this namespace shall be minimal.

While you may use this space the way it suits you the best, we require users to at least use the following format for creating new courses: Course:MATH101 or Course:MATH101/2011WT1.

This best practice keeps course pages organized by the course number. For example, if you create a page entitled "Course:Student Assignments", it is not clear to which course the student assignment page belongs. Instead Course:MATH101/Student Assignments shows that the student assignment page belongs to course MATH101.

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