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Lab Space

-- Awaiting update on shared space in HOL

-- The space will likely be used by students doing short video production for English courses this semester. Lauren's OL team has also expressed interest in having a space for collaborative data work, and Carolyn's team has used it for training.

-- Tech refresh? There is some question of who should do this. Hard to justify major spending on computer upgrades at current usage. Any interim steps? (New Windows 8 Tablets?)

-- Any other useful gear we should be looking at?


-- Jon suggests branding some of the workshops we have been doing (,, etc...) as "Presented by the Innovation Lab"

-- The Literature of Utopia pilots went extremely well, see:

-- A WordPress Sandbox - for LearnDash WP LMS, etc... -- Brian can move on this

Other issues:

The Kumu Wiki has launched. Hopefully some existing staff time can be allocated to this, though progress on this has been slow.

A work-study position to support WordPress and MediaWiki?

Brian is working on: BCCampus "Toward Open Education" (TOE) initiative, and an associated working group on Collaborative Technologies for Open Education. As well, been tasked to set up a sub-committee for TRU's Instructional Development and Support Committee (IDSC) to Learning and Teaching Systems Advisory Committee (LTSAC) -- pending approval and feedback from IDSC, et al... Make-up and final terms of reference are still being determined.

Related to above, Brian hopes to set up a meeting/workshop with collaborators on KUMU Wiki and BCCampus TOE at TRU sometime in the next month or two.

CNIE Conference