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Thanks for starting a new course page! Some things to consider:

Instructions for Using this Page

We've preloaded the below edit box with a infobox to help you format your new page. To get started, simply enter the appropriate information after the equal sign. If you leave a line blank, that parameter will not be included on the new page. If you do not want to use the infobox, simply erase the infobox code and start with a blank edit screen.

Infobox Parameters

  • title= the title of your course (e.g. Introduction to Biology).
  • picture= replace the current image file link (Image:wiki.png) with the image of your choice. See Help:Adding Media for info on how to upload and link to pictures.
  • subject code= Four letter subject code for your course (BIOL, PHYS, MATH, LIBR, etc)
  • course number= Your course number
  • section number= Your section number
  • instructor= The primary instructor name
  • instructor 2= additional instructor name
  • instructor 3= additional instructor name
  • instructor 4= additional instructor name
  • instructor 5= additional instructor name
  • email= the instructor's email address
  • office= the main instructor's office location
  • office hours= the instructor's office hours for this class
  • schedule= the class schedule; what days and times the class meets
  • classroom= the classroom location (such as building and room number).

After the infobox code, you can add your new content (the page text body) to the edit window below the infobox code.

When you hit save, you'll notice that the infobox comes pre-populated with a few links to important course subpages. Simply click on the red links to create those subpages.