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Welcome to the Learning Environment Project Page,
the project dedicated to enhancing the online learning and teaching environment at TRU.

Goals & Objectives

The Goal of this project continues to evolve as we move forward.

To develop a learning environment students and faculty love that:

  1. Is easy to use appropriate support when required
  2. Supports learning that is:
    1. Engaging and interactive
    2. Supported (technical end user support? or...)
    3. Open
    4. Applied
    5. Flexible
    6. Research and data-driven
    7. In alignment with the TRU Academic plan
    8. Inquiry-based and Creative Learning
    9. Interdisciplinary Studies
    10. Aboriginal, Local, and Global Cultural Understanding
    11. Flexible Learning Models
    12. Life-long Learning
  3. Is cost effective, sustainable and supports continuous improvement while encouraging back end efficiencies
  4. Is implemented using a process that supports the needs of staff and faculty through appropriate process development, training and ongoing support

Up Coming Events

In Progress

  • Presentation on Campus Engagement via LMS Planning
  • D'Arcy Norman of the University of Calgary
  • Fishbone Activity
  • SIF Request with IT
  • Schedule Focus Group with Open Learning Faculty Members
  • Initiating Student Focus Groups
  • Voluntary Student Survey (ETA February 6, 2015)
  • Survey Questions

Coming Soon

  • Schedule Information sessions

Discussions & Comments

Please add comments, thoughts and suggestions. The more information we have the better.

Emerging themes...

Select a link from below:

End user Interface

(also known as Developing a system easy for both students and faculty)

Course Development and Delivery Process

(also known as Processes, Information, Rules and People)

Successful Learning

(also known as Research & Data Driven, Supported, Engaged & Interactive, Open, Applied)

Other Considerations

Vs. Themes

Based on the emerging themes there are a couple of debatable topics that appear to have emerged. Hoping you will state your arguments for one or the other and help keep the conversation going via a little healthy debate.

Open vs. Closed

Using familiar tools vs. Learning new (useful) tools

Interaction with others vs. Completely independent

Deadlines vs. No deadlines

Updates and Changes