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The OLFM workshop will take a little different form in 2014.

There will be four 'tracks', from which participants will choose one.

Information on the tracks is below with links to individual planning pages

Track 1: The Theory and Practice of Feedback in Distance Education

Research suggests that feedback is among the most powerful determinants of student learning, for good and bad.

Participants in this track will investigate published literature on the qualities of effective feedback and will produce a set of suggested practices for feedback at TRU-OL.

Planning Page

Track 2: Signature Pedagogies in Distance Education

Many academic and applied disciplines rely on signature pedagogies (fieldwork in geography and geology, discussion groups in history, practicums in education).

Participants in this track will investigate published literature on the signature pedagogies of their disciplines and create a set of resources and suggestions for those pedagogies in distance learning.

Track 3: Sound/Video Camp

Led by the media team and supported by the Innovation Lab, participants in this track will learn practical skills related to the creation, editing and sharing of educational audio and video resources.

Track 4: Promoting Deep Approaches to Learning in Distance Learning

Students will either take a deep or a surface approach to learning activities. Participants in this track will investigate published research on promoting deeper approaches and develop resources for use by TRU-OL and TRU faculty.