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====Friday Banquet====
====Friday Banquet====
====Keynote Speaker====
====Keynote Speakers====
=====Dr. Terry Anderson=====
=====Dr. George Veletsianos=====
====Saturday Evening====
====Saturday Evening====

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Learning in Our Digital World


Welcome to the information site for the 2014 OLFM Workshop, Learning in Our Digital World!

You will notice that this year's workshop will have a different structure from past years. Our focus in 2014 will be on harnessing our collective insights and wisdom in a few key areas and producing resources that will support your work as an OLFM. As such, it will be less of a conference, and much more of a workshop, where we will be researching ideas, generating strategies and knowledge related to our context, and presenting an overview of our findings.

Please take some time to reflect on the four tracks that are outlined below and consider where you would like to contribute.

Workshop Tracks

Registration Info and Links


Friday Banquet

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Terry Anderson
Dr. George Veletsianos

Saturday Evening