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[[File:Howard.gif|Remix by Todd Conoway]]
[[File:Howard.gif|px450|Remix by Todd Conoway]]
== Portfolios ==
== Portfolios ==

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Remix by Todd Conoway


UBC's Portfolio Toolkit

  • "Folio thinking", reflection
  • Documenting progress, showcasing strongest work
  • Student ownership

May be tightly aligned with competencies, integrated with learning management systems. TRU instance

Broader issues of ownership and media literacy

How well are we doing in providing students with opportunities to develop practical and critical skills concerning online media? How often do we engage them concerning issues such as privacy, security, identity?

Too often, our approach is wholly defensive. Or worse, one of avoidance.

More radical approaches include Domain of Own's Own (impressive set of tools) and Reclaim Your Domain. Or [1].

Examples of a comprehensive student-owned portfolio/online identity.

Caitlin Musch

Andre Malan