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DAM Stages:

Initial consultation stage to determine needs. -consult with stake holders; IP, ID’s, Production, Faculty, SME’s to determine what their departments need from a DAM. -create a questionnaire to provide to stake holders -design Metatag Scheme -separate list of needs for video, audio, graphics and stills. -consult with IT for their expertise

Examination of needs -asses results of questionnaire

Proof of concept (End of March 2015) -metatag scheme implemented -access policy set -populated with media -searchable -testing schedule established with ID’s, SME’s, Faculty.

Video -videos live on barabus -stream on demand (yes) -timecode (toggle?) -metatags

Audio -live on DAM -metatags -timecode

Stills -live on DAM -metatags -sizes

Graphics -live on DAM -metatags -sizes

Metatag Scheme -owner -IPO info -location -subject -keywords -course