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Why Mattermost?


A new wave of collaboration tools are taking hold in workplaces, particularly ones that value fast and frictionless communication and spontaneous collaboration.

The most popular of these is Slack. It works because it is focused, fast, and works well across devices.

The Universidad de Guadalajara Agora project organizers have used Slack to organize.

However, due to BC privacy legislation, using US-hosted services like Slack for coursework raises concerns. There are open source alternatives, one of which is Mattermost, hosted here.

How Mattermost?


That link above should allow you to self-enrol. If you email I can also add you.

Once you are in... browse and join channels.

Configure your account, set your notifications.

Managing and creating channels: open and private.

Search is key!

Mattermost works well on mobile devices, and has Android, iOS, and Desktop applications.

The Blog


Built as a SPLOT. - It is recommended longer pieces be written, or at least copied somewhere, before posting... Word or whatever platform is preferred.