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==How the Sandbox can be used==
==How the Sandbox can be used==

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How to Use The Notepad Space

The Kumu Wiki is organized into different content areas to accommodate different needs and the Notepad is a place to work, experiment, collaborate, and play using the wiki. To add pages to the Notepad, simply add the prefix Notepad: before your page title.

Create a New Sandbox Page


How the Sandbox can be used

  • Create your own test pages
  • Create a meeting agenda
  • Collaborate with colleagues on a presentation
  • Play with formatting a page
  • Create a page to coordinate or start a conversation about a project
  • Write an essay or assignment
  • Take meeting notes
  • Plan a party
  • Develop a thesis
  • Use it as a space to brainstorm your ideas
  • The sandbox is your playground - use it however you want