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To insert this widget, use the following code:
To insert this widget, use the following code:
  <nowiki>{{#widget:Google Calendar

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This widget allows you to add a Google Calendar widget to your wiki page.

To insert this widget, use the following code:

{{#widget:Google Calendar
|title=TechPresentations, NYCResistor, US Holidays


  • id - is a calendar ID (including @calendar.google.com, come match user email addresses) - can be found on calendar settings page
  • title - new title if you want to override calendar title (optional)
  • height and width define calendar dimensions, 100%x600 is default (only width can be defined in %).
  • color - events color (hex value. e.g. 5229A3) - only color used in Google's wizard can be used.
  • bgcolor - background/border color (hex value. e.g. ffcc66)
  • weekstart - first day of the week (1-7)
  • lang - interface language (en, fr, ru and etc).
  • view - default view MONTH (default)/WEEK/AGENDA)
  • timezone - time zone defined as a string like "America/New_York", should be automatically detected if omitted
  • pvttk - This key is used to access non-public calendars. All calendars must be on a single account.
  • style - The style attribute to be applied to the iframe.
  • You can also trigger parts of the interface on and off:
    • showtitle - true (default)/false - shows title
    • shownav - true (default)/false - shows navigation arrows
    • showdate - true (default)/false - shows date
    • showtabs - true (default)/false - shows view tabs
    • showcals - true (default)/false - shows a calendar list
    • showprint - true (default)/false - shows a print icon
    • showtz - true (default)/false - shows timezone
    • border - true/false (default) - draws thin border around the widget
  • app - for Google Apps for Your Domain Calendars, specify the domain name for the account (http://www.google.com/calendar/hosted/yourdomain.com/render)

Sample result

Displaying 3 different calendars: