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Adding Video

It is not possible to directly upload videos to the Kumu Wiki; however you can embed video files from another service like youtube or Kaltura. If you want to embed a video (from YouTube for example), choose the piece of the video url code that specifies the video file (For example, the bolded part at the end of the url: and put it in this format:

What You Want to Do Example of Wiki Code to Use What You See
Embedding a video file: for example the YouTube video at
{{#widget:YouTube|id=WZkvkcgjXbM| hheight=315|width=420}}
Embedding a Kaltura video: must be done through the Kaltura widget
Link to add: kwidget/wid/0_dr7b6w3w/ uiconf_id/1760292
{{#widget:Kaltura|dataurl= kwidget/wid/0_dr7b6w3w/ uiconf_id/1760292 |width=400}}
Error in widget Kaltura: Unable to load template 'wiki:Kaltura'

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