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At the end of each semester, there are some things that you need to attend to.


Make sure that you transfer each student's final grade to myTRU.


It is a good idea to, at minimum, download and keep a copy of your Moodle grade book.

Export an Excel spreadsheet

From the Grader report, click the dropdown and choose 'Excel spreadsheet' under the 'Export' section.

Export to Excel.png

Choose which items you will include in the export and then click 'Download' and save the resulting file to your computer.

Backup your Course

If you want to keep a complete backup of your course, click 'Backup' in your administration block.

Backup Course.png

Follow the instructions to choose your options and click 'Perform backup'.

Click 'Continue' to go to the next page, where you will be able to download the backup file.

Backup course 2.png

Closing your Course