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=== Navigating Through Quiz ===
=== Navigating Through Quiz ===
|- [[File:Navigation_Panel.png|left|frame]]
|[[File:Navigation Panel.png|left|thumb|400x400px]]
| 4.  Answer all questions. <br>
| 4.  Answer all questions. <br>

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Starting Quiz

1. Click on the quiz link
2. Click on the Attempt quiz now button

Quizzes 1.png

3. Click ‘Start attempt’

Quizzes 2.png

Navigating Through Quiz

Navigation Panel.png
4. Answer all questions.

Note: You can click on the "flag" in the box next to the question to put a temporary marker on it. Notice the Quiz navigation block in the upper right corner. You can use it to jump to any question. Flagged questions will have a "red corner" in their box

Quizzes 3.png

5. When all questions are answered click the Next button

Quizzes 4.png

6. Review and submit:

Quizzes 5.png

Please note: You may or may not be able to review the quiz. This feature is updated for each quiz separately.