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Learning Environment Support Page
Dedicated to enhancing TRU's online learning and teaching environment.

Menu Bar

At the top of each page in your course is a helpful menu bar that provides quick and easy access to relevant areas of your course and common tasks.


My home

Links to your homepage and includes links to of all of your courses.


Links to your calendar.

My Sites

A dropdown list of all your courses.

This course

Dropdown list of links to various components of your course. This link is only available when you are viewing a course page.
This course.png
This link provides quick access to many areas of course content.

  • People – list of people enrolled in the course, from here you may send a message or email
  • Grades – access grades here
  • Assignments – list of all assignment submission tools for the course
  • Forums – list of forums for the course

This Course Link is dynamic and can change by course.


You can use the breadcrumb trail to skip back to places in your course that you have recently visited.

Moodle Navigation 2.png

Tabbed Content

You can access each section of your course in the convenient tabs at the top of each page in your course.

Example 1

Navigating moodle 3.png

Example 2

Moodle Navigation 5.png

Example 3: Nested Tabs

Moodle Navigation 6.png


Moodle Navigation 7.png

Students may use the check boxes to track their own progress.

Click on a section title or arrow to expand or collapse a toggle.

Use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate between tabs.