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===Notification Settings===
===Message Settings===
====In your ‘Administration’ block, under ‘My profile settings’, click ‘Messaging’.====
====In your ‘Administration’ block, under ‘My profile settings’, click ‘Messaging’.====

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You can send Moodle messages to all people enrolled in the same course as you, including your Open Learning Faculty Member. All messages will be sent via email if the recipient is offline and/or the message will stored within Moodle's message center.

Please note: You may not attach files using Moodle's message center.

Go to This course in the menu bar and select People:
Messages 1.png
Messages 2.png
After you select the user you want to message click Send a message:
Messages 3.png
Messages 4.png

Message Settings

In your ‘Administration’ block, under ‘My profile settings’, click ‘Messaging’.

Message Settings 1.png

The top options allow you to determine how you are notified of messages from students.

Message settings 2.png
Note about Replying to Messages
  • If you reply to a message from your email client (Outlook), the reply will go to the sender's email client (Outlook).
  • If you reply to a message from Moodle, the reply will be seen in Moodle and notifications will be sent according to the sender's Message Settings as shown above.