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On the right side of your page in Moodle are a series of what Moodle calls 'Blocks'.

Blocks 1.png

In the top right corner of each block are tools you can use to either minimize, or dock the block. Docking the block will move it to a tab arranged vertically on the left side of your page.

Blocks 2.png

Hover your cursor over a docked block to open it.



You may not see the editing features in your course.

Click 'Turn editing on' to enable editing.

Blocks 3.png


Please do not re-order items in the content of your Open Learning course! Your course is designed and displayed in Moodle in chronological order.

Click a gear icon to edit the settings of a block or other item in your course

Click and drag an item with a 4-way arrow.

Click an eye icon to change the visibility of an item.

Blocks 5.png