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Learning Environment Support Page
Dedicated to enhancing TRU's online learning and teaching environment.

Thompson Rivers University uses Moodle to deliver content and opportunities for interaction to both campus and Open Learning students.

Before you attempt to login to Moodle, you must ensure that you have registered at and saved an alternate email address. This will authenticate your credentials in Moodle and will allow you to retrieve your password without having to contact the Service Desk.

Go to

Moodle login

Change the theme to 'BCU'

On the Home page, find the 'Administration' block, then click 'My profile settings' and then 'Edit profile'.


Scroll down to 'Preferred theme' and choose 'BCU' from the dropdown menu.


Please Note:

The BCU theme has been tested on our current installation of Moodle (2.8), and is required for Open Learning courses. In January 2016, the BCU theme will be set to the default theme for all courses.