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Comments, Suggestions and Concerns

OLFM Notification:

Positive Feedback:

  • Good idea*This is important*Awesome*So Useful*Very Importatnt*This is vital* I would love this as I work from the feed. Yeah!! :) * Yes, very important* It is important to me. Yes, I like this* Good idea *Good Idea * Assignment notification would be important * Very important...I don't like navigating out of email and then logging into LMS* I like being able to access via link* Very handy. I currently find it difficult to set to all assignments/blogs/discussions/quizzes* Good*


  • It is easy to see assignments in Blackboard Learn. Don't know why we need to be advised multiple times. This is duplicating work and overloading other email systems.
  • Outlook? Having fewer email in boxes should be a goal.
  • Can this please go to course messages and NOT to outlook?


  • Prefer the notifications be on a landing page, similar to what the last version of WebCT provided.
  • Need to also include new discussion postings
  • Must be able to turn it off
  • Can this be set up so that students cannot submit form their personal email?
  • Need to be able to set up which quizzes I get notified about.
  • Course message notification is needed
  • Should provide course name in the email (example in deck does not show this)
  • Should be able to turn it off for each assignment
  • Include dates for paced courses

Grading Centre:

Overall Feedback:

  • Streamline process so assignments are marked quickly. We are paid a fixed $,taking longer to mark an assignment is NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Flexibility is good
  • Anything that highlights showing assignments and messages is Good...comments within document never seems to work well...functionality cannot be undone.


  • need to be able to embed feedback right in the paper-highlights and different colour ink. Save time form having to download
  • Need official mark
  • One page for all feedback given would be handy
  • Allow ability to send back assignments for further work and allow multiple submissions easily.
  • Allow re-submissions and grade changes

Concern would this replace emails received from OL Registration system?

  • What type of files?
  • There is difficulty when students use different software and types of documents

Click to Grade from Homepage

  • Good*Much easier than the one used now
  • I like to mark the same assignments for the multiple students, currently Blackboard Learn allows me to order the assignments, can this functionality still exist in new system
Marking Online
  • Options are great


  • Currently system bumps you out after 20 minutes. If you are typing when the warning box comes up you lose everything
  • When marking online, students don't always access all the feedback. It is not intuitive. Need in-document feedback too
  • Stylus?
  • Abiltiy to annotate the pdf on the screen directly
  • Stylus idea :)
Marking Offline
  • Especially important in Math and Physics courses because then we can point things out "draw" on their work etc *Offline marking important * I download all essays and use MS Word and track changes *important *marking offline for large assignments of 30+ pages
  • NO


  • Would like to use feedback functions when marking offline.
  • Would like to use the edit function in word to put comments in edit bubbles can we make this feature available for feedback
  • Ensure we still have the attached document?
  • For COMP courses we need zip, java, vb etc. Java and vb need to load into IDE and test run as part of marking
  • have to be able to upload assignments that have been marked offline