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OLFM 2015 Workshop Presentation

May 9th, 2015 Ken, Brian and Tanya presented the Future Learning Environment Discussion

A 15 page deck was provided to each OLFM to follow along with. The OLFMs were asked to put a sticky note on the items/features they wanted and were encouraged to provide feedback by writing in the deck. The presentation ran out of time and ended before discussing #5 Content Display. Although it was not reviewed in detail, many OLFMs continued through the deck and provided their feedback. The number of respondents to Section 5 and 6 are expected to be much lower than 1-4.

92 decks were returned

11 were returned empty

The feedback was compiled based on two factors: Likes and comments

  • The number of sticky notes and positive comments for each feature was considered a like.
  • Some decks were returned only with comments, suggestions or questions and were not considered in the like category but the comments were recorded.
  • If a comment was not in favour of a feature that a sticky was on, it was not considered a like and the comment was recorded

The Results