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OLFM 2015 Workshop Presentation

May 9th, 2015 Ken, Brian and Tanya presented the Future Learning Environment Discussion

A 15 page deck was provided to each OLFM to follow along with. The OLFMs were asked to put a sticky note on the items/features they wanted and were encouraged to provide feedback by writing in the deck. The presentation ran out of time and ended before discussing #5 Content Display. Although it was not reviewed in detail, many OLFMs continued through the deck and provided their feedback. The number of respondents to Section 5 and 6 are expected to be much lower than 1-4.

92 decks were returned

11 were returned empty

The feedback was compiled based on two factors: Likes and comments

  • The number of sticky notes and positive comments for each feature was considered a like.
  • Some decks were returned only with comments, suggestions or questions and were not considered in the like category but the comments were recorded.
  • If a comment was not in favour of a feature that a sticky was on, it was not considered a like and the comment was recorded

The Results

Positive Responses

Positive Responses by Category
Positive Responses by Feature

Official Results

Percentages provided are based on the number of positive responses in relation to the number of returned decks with comments/feedback

OLFM Notification 45.68%

  • Notification via email 27.16%
  • Navigation link in email 14.81%

Grading Centre 72.84%

  • Click from Homepage 12.35%
  • Marking Online 16.05%
  • Marking Offline 29.63%
  • Marking using Rubics 24.69%
  • Entering Feedback 28.40%
  • Feedback Bank 43.21%
  • Previous Feedback 28.40%
  • One Place to Enter Marks 61.73%

Student Analytics 30.86%

  • Filter/select by Enrollment 1.23%
  • Review Activity Data 6.17%
  • Save/Send Communication 7.41%

Integrated Communications 54.32%

  • Track student contacts 12.35%
  • Turnoff Communication in LMS 29.63%
  • Other 13.58%

Content Display 23.46%

  • Mobile 11.11%
  • Easy navigation 6.17%
  • Diff content presentations 4.94%

Student Success Tools 17.28%

  • Progress Bars 3.70%
  • Points 2.47%
  • Badges 4.94%
  • Create Portfolios 2.47%
  • Share Resources/Study Groups 3.70%
  • Share with Others Out of Class 1.23%

7. Exam Centre 17.28%


OLFM Notification:

Positive Feedback:

  • Good idea*This is important*Awesome*So Useful*Very Importatnt*This is vital* I would love this as I work from the feed. Yeah!! :) * Yes, very important* It is important to me. Yes, I like this* Good idea *Good Idea * Assignment notification would be important * Very important...I don't like navigating out of email and then logging into LMS* I like being able to access via link* Very handy. I currently find it difficult to set to all assignments/blogs/discussions/quizzes* Good*


  • It is easy to see assignments in Blackboard Learn. Don't know why we need to be advised multiple times. This is duplicating work and overloading other email systems.
  • Outlook? Having fewer email in boxes should be a goal.
  • Can this please go to course messages and NOT to outlook?


  • Prefer the notifications be on a landing page, similar to what the last version of WebCT provided.
  • Need to also include new discussion postings
  • Must be able to turn it off
  • Can this be set up so that students cannot submit form their personal email?
  • Need to be able to set up which quizzes I get notified about.
  • Course message notification is needed
  • Should provide course name in the email (example in deck does not show this)
  • Should be able to turn it off for each assignment
  • Include dates for paced courses

Grading Centre:

Overall Feedback:

  • Streamline process so assignments are marked quickly. We are paid a fixed $,taking longer to mark an assignment is NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Flexibility is good
  • Anything that highlights showing assignments and messages is Good...comments within document never seems to work well...functionality cannot be undone.


  • What type of files?
  • There is difficulty when students use different software and types of documents
  • need to be able to embed feedback right in the paper-highlights and different colour ink. Save time form having to download
  • Need official mark
  • One page for all feedback given would be handy
  • Allow ability to send back assignments for further work and allow multiple submissions easily.
  • Allow re-submissions and grade changes

Concern would this replace emails received from OL Registration system?

Click to Grade from Homepage

  • Good*Much easier than the one used now
  • I like to mark the same assignments for the multiple students, currently Blackboard Learn allows me to order the assignments, can this functionality still exist in new system
Marking Online
  • Options are great


  • Currently system bumps you out after 20 minutes. If you are typing when the warning box comes up you lose everything
  • When marking online, students don't always access all the feedback. It is not intuitive. Need in-document feedback too
  • Stylus?
  • Abiltiy to annotate the pdf on the screen directly
  • Stylus idea :)
Marking Offline
  • Especially important in Math and Physics courses because then we can point things out "draw" on their work etc *Offline marking important * I download all essays and use MS Word and track changes *important *marking offline for large assignments of 30+ pages
  • NO


  • Would like to use feedback functions when marking offline.
  • Would like to use the edit function in word to put comments in edit bubbles can we make this feature available for feedback
  • Ensure we still have the attached document?
  • For COMP courses we need zip, java, vb etc. Java and vb need to load into IDE and test run as part of marking
  • have to be able to upload assignments that have been marked offline