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Who Understood You? Discussion

Think about the one person who understood you better than anyone else. It is not necessary that the person understood you for a long period of time or that the person still understands you now. It is only necessary that you feel that for some period of time this individual understood you better than anyone else. Try to determine what it was about yourself, the other person, the situation, or any combination of these that made this understanding possible.

  • What did you know about each other that may have helped understanding? Were you in a crisis together? Did you spend a special time with the other person? Describe the things that contributed to your “connection” with this person.
  • Are there similarities you can identify between yourself and this person, such as age, gender, or relationship status? Do you share similar values, attitudes, or beliefs? Do you share similar life experiences?
  • Which of the qualities of effective communication can you identify from this experience?

Post your description to the “Who Understood You?” Discussion forum. Comment on at least two of your fellow learners’ postings. From this activity, what characteristics of a competent communicator can you identify?

    • Reflection:** How do you feel when you spend time with a close friend or relative? Think of how you feel both physically and mentally. Do you consider close friends or relatives to be important in your life? In what ways would your life be changed if these people were not around?

Online Discussion: Environmental Health

  1. Your Open Learning Faculty Member will help you to form into small groups. Each group will be provided with a private team forum in the Discussions area of your course.
  2. Discuss with your group members how the physical environment affects your health in various ways. Brainstorm ideas for green lifestyle choices that you would like to put into action.
  3. When you have completed your discussion, post a message to the discussion entitled //Environmental Health//, putting your group name in the subject line. In your message, describe one way that each of your group members plans to put a “green daily routine” into action.


Recalling your experiences giving and receiving feedback, post a message to the “Feedback” Discussion forum answering:

  • Why is feedback important?
  • How did you feel giving feedback?
  • How did you feel receiving feedback?

Comment on at least two of your fellow learners’ posts.

Online Discussion: Daily Food and Activity Plan

1. This week you will participate in an online discussion. Look at the food diary you started in Lesson 1. Compare your food intake to the recommendations made in Canada’s Food Guide for people of different ages and genders. You can find this information on the [Much Food You Need Every Day] web page. For more information you may want to look at the [website and the Healthy Weight for Adults] web page. For this discussion, devise a realistic plan for one day’s food and activity. Post a message describing your planned food intake and physical activity to the online discussion entitled //Daily Food and Activity Plan//.

Read your classmates postings. Your Open Learning Faculty Member will assign you a partner. Comment on your partner’s plan, identifying how it fits the Canada food and physical activity guidelines at: [[1]] and [[2]]