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* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6mkgjixCoQ Wheels on the Bus]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6mkgjixCoQ Wheels on the Bus]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f97idTmBEXs Farm Animals Song for Teaching English to children] Has lyrics to sing along.
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vORwzLATsY Old MacDonald Had A Farm Lyrics And More | Songs For Kids]
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{| class="wikitable"

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Resources for Primary English Teachers

Resource created for TRU World's Beijing Teacher Education Program - July 2015

Integrated / All Skills

Reading & Writing

Boy at School.jpg

Alphabet & Animals: http://www.bemboszoo.com/

Scholastic: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/bll/index.htm

Mad Libs: http://www.madlibs.com/

Kid's Click: http://www.kidsclick.org/

Picture Dictionary: http://www.pdictionary.com/


Giggle Poetry: http://www.gigglepoetry.com/

Poem Hunter: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-months/ (from: http://www.poemhunter.com/)

Fun Brain: http://www.funbrain.com/brain/ReadingBrain/ReadingBrain.html (see examples of comics to use for creative writing).

Journal Writing: See Diary of a Wimpy Kid at http://www.funbrain.com/journal/Journal.html?ThisJournalDay=1&ThisPage=1

Read Write Think: http://www.readwritethink.org/

Guide to Grammar and Writing: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/


Spelling City: http://www.spellingcity.com

Slideshows: http://photopeach.com/

Girls at School.jpg

Listening & Speaking

Listening & Speaking: http://www.rong-chang.com/listen.htm

ESL Lab: http://www.esl-lab.com/cgi-bin/mail.cgi/list/esllab/

Digital Dialects: http://www.digitaldialects.com/

About ESL: http://esl.about.com/od/englishlistening/

Many Things: http://www.manythings.org/


Freddie's Ville: http://www.freddiesville.com/songs/

Many Things: http://www.manythings.org/songs/

ESL Galaxy: http://www.esl-galaxy.com/music.htm

Busy Teacher: http://busyteacher.org/classroom_activities-listening/songs_and_lyrics/

English 4 Kids: http://www.english-4kids.com/lessons.html

English Learning: http://www.englishelearning.com/en/index.html

Train Your Accent: Accent reduction exercises. http://www.trainyouraccent.com/



Child Watching TV.jpg

Teacher Tube: http://www.teachertube.com/videos/

Thematic Lessons



Grammar Lessons

Figures of Speech


Classroom Management

Students-1177716 1920.jpg

Online Stopwatch: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/

Techniques and Methodology

Theories of Teaching and Learning

The Direct Method

Here are some video demonstrations of the direct method:

Other useful explanations:

  • FluentU The Direct Method of Teaching English: Ideas, Explanations and Sample Lessons

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

Video Explanations:

The Post-Communicative Approach

PPP Approach

Total Physical Response (TPR)

Lesson Plan Design

Learning Outcomes

Learning Theories

Bloom's Taxonomy

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Learning Styles

Educational Technology

Girl Reading.jpg