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Digital Toolbox

This wiki is intended to be a instructor/student resource for innovative learning activities and assessments. The following are brief descriptions of digital tools that can be used to facilitate communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity for students. There are also links for instructors to aid in assessment and content dissemination.

  • Note that some of the categories overlap (e.g. project management tools are used for collaboration and communication).
  • Most of the links are free, however some require signing up to use the tool.
  • Also note that some of the technology may be a barrier for digital immigrants, so it is suggested that many of the tools can be used as options for assignments.

Please feel free to add to this list, or email Kelly Warnock for any comments/questions:


Instructor and student and student and student communication tools.

BlueJeans: video conferencing via any application.

VoiceThread: Discussion board about images, where you can upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. It is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. Ex:

Skype: Video conferencing system.

ooVoo: Online video chat for up to 12 people:

Edmodo: Create an online classroom where students can connect, collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and notices.

Group Tweet: Allow any number of contributors to Tweet from a group account safely and securely

Doodle: Scheduling group meetings.


Tools to facilitate co-construction of knowledge.

Project Management

SharePoint: A project and team management tool.

Elluminate Live: A platform that includes video confere3ncing, chat, file transfer, notes, polling, screen capture, and whiteboard.!/?id=418

Blackboard Collaborate: A collaboration platform for virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces.

Padlet (aka Wallwisher). An online group message board where you can post messages, videos, images, etc.

Twiddla: Team whiteboarding: Browse websites in a shared, real-time whiteboard, while marking them up, sharing files, and chatting along.

Wiffiti: Interactive message board (via twitter, texting, or

Stormboard: Add ideas, photos, and videos to a shared online whiteboard.

Diigo: bookmark websites:

Social Networking:

Ning: A customized platform for social networking.

LinkedIn: A professional networking tool.

Facebook: A social utility that connects people with friends and others who work , study and live around them.

Elgg: A social networking engine for businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications.




Blackboard Wiki: ( _create_a_wiki.htm)


Wiki Spot:

Square Space:

Blogs / Websites:

Wordpress: http://wordpress.comTumblr: • Weebly:

Research & Notes

Open Study: A social learning network where students ask questions, give help, and connect with other students studying the same things.

Diigo: Collecting and organizing web notes.

Google Keep: Note-taking system.

Evernote: Jot down text, photos, web pages, etc.

Delicious: A bookmarking application.

Jog the Web: Bookmarking tool.

Corkboard Me: Online collaborative message board.

Lino: Online sticky note / corkboard.


Read Print: Read and discuss books.

My Ebook: Read or create your own ebooks.


Forums / Discussions

Today’s Meet: Users create a room and present topics of discussion.

Canadian Content: A discussion forum to talk about Canadian politics.

Fresh Brain: Ask any question and get feedback.

Polls / Surveys

Poll Everywhere: text a free poll and get instant feedback.

Survey Monkey: tools to create surveys, collect data, and analyze the results.

Flisti: Create a poll. No sign-up required.

Dotvoting: Create a poll. No sign-up required.

Socrative: Create a poll. Students can respond via any device with Internet.

Fluid Surveys:


When in Time: Create, view, share interactive digital timelines.

Capzles: Timeline creation site with a great user interface as well as the ability to embed into a site.

Time Rime: An excellent site with educational instance (great for teachers) that allows users to create multimedia timelines.

xTimeline : Share wonderful looking timelines with audio, video, and pictures. Very user friendly too.

TimeGlider : Great site that not only lets users create multimedia timelines butlegends as well. There is a "plus upgrade" in the works specifically for education. (FREE)

Dipity: Create beautiful timelines with the ability to add video/pictures.

Time Toast: A bullet point centered timeline w/ text and pictures.

Preceden: A fun easy site to use to create interactive timelines.

Office Timeline: To integrate into PowerPoint.

Tiki-Toki: Create beautiful timelines.


Student-generated content

Screen Recording, Video Recording, Presentation Development and Sharing

Myspace: a social entertainment platform that allows users to share music, videos, etc.

Creaza: create online mindmaps that include video and audio features. ($)

Animoto: Share photos and videos online.

Camtasia: record, edit and share high-quality screen video on the Web. ($)

Pachyderm: A web-based rich-media interactive presentation authoring and publishing system that focuses on nonlinear digital storytelling.


Prezi: a non-linear presentation tool.

Articluate: Interactive PowerPoints:

Photopeach: A slideshow application that can be shared or embedded.

• sync your powerpoint, or PDF with recorded audio.

Graphic Organizers

Visio: a tool to create diagrams. ($)

Cacoo: Create diagrams online real time collaboration. ($)

Photos / Graphics

Gyazo: Grabs your screen shot for embedding and sharing.

Museum Box: Provides a tool to build an argument or description of events or people by putting them in a virtual box.

10x10: photos that define the time:


Photosynth (Microsoft)

Glass Giant: Modify pictures -

E-Learning Art:

Be Funky: Photo Editor:

Skitch: Can take notes or draw shapes on pictures.

Pintrest: allows users to ‘pin’ or ‘like’ images that interest them

Glogster: a graphic blog similar to a collage.

Letter Pop: Design & Publishing: ($)

PhotoVoice: Stringing images and voice together for action and community research.

Gimp 2.8. A graphic and image editing application.

Sumopaint. A graphics editing and production application.

Paint.NET. A free image and photo editing application.

Audio Tools

Audacity: a free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

Soungle: A search engine for sound files

Freesound: A database for Creative Commons Licensed sounds.


Windows Movie Maker 2.6. The older version of Windows Movie Maker

iMovie 11. This application usually comes with your Mac OS 10 software. If your Mac does not have it you can purchase it at the link below ($14.99).

YouTube Video Editor. YouTube provides an online video editor.

HandBrake 0.9.8. This free software will transfer almost any video file type to the popular MP4 or M4V formats.

VLC video player 2.0.5. This video player will play any file type.

Apple Quicktime 7. This popular video player is available for both Mac and Windows. You should have it because this is going to be one of the tools your audience will try to watch your videos and audio files with.

Windows Media Player 12. This popular video player is only available for Windows computers but you should test your media against it.

Study Tools:

Quizlet: Includes flashcards, speller, tests, matching, and other review games. Find topics or create your own material.

• Flashcards: All of these sites allow users to create unlimited flashcards

o Flashcard Exchange:

o The Flashcard Machine

o Course Hero:

o Study Blue:

o Study Stack:

Review Games:

Jeopardy: create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint.

Digital Storytelling:

StoryBird: create, read, and share visual stories.

Xtranormal: Turns your words into animation

Go! Animate: Make animated videos (school & business $$).

Comic Creators: o o

Mindmaps/Word Clusters:

Word It Out: Generates word clouds.

Wordle: Generates word clouds.

Tagul: make a world cloud that highlights words

Writing Tools:

Bibme: an online bibliography maker. Includes search engine and personal reference list.