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Contact Info

CurricUNET is administered by the Registrar's office. For help and support please email

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How to Create a New Course

Approving and Reviewing

Revising a Course

What is CurricUNET?

CurricUNET is an Internet-based software application designed to automate and enhance the development and approval of curriculum. Faculty use a simple web form to develop and change course and program proposals online. This system replaces the many paper forms that TRU previously used to manage the senate approval process. It provides more accurate and expedient data entry, processing, review, and approval. CurricUNET is the warehouse and source for curriculum course and program information, historical, active and proposed.

CurricUNET allows you to do all of the following online:

  • Develop course proposals, program proposals and Notices of Intent
  • Revise existing courses and programs
  • Approve submitted course and program requests
  • Notify relevant parties as a course or program moves through the approval process
  • Track curriculum proposals
  • Get status reports on demand
  • View current and archival course details

Key Features

  • The system is fully web-based. All of the entries, reviews, reporting and approvals are done via web pages that are accessible via the internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Data entry is table driven, that is; specific codes, selections and conditions are selected from lookup tables that are maintained in the system. This reduces the chance of inputting errors. It also provides a ready list of options for the user.
  • When various actions are taken through an approval workflow, automatic notifications are emailed to appropriate recipients.
  • The progress of course and program proposals can be tracked. As a proposal proceeds through an established series of review and approval steps, the various steps that it has been through and the actions taken can be viewed.
  • The system provides curriculum version control. As course and program change proposals are approved, they become active in the appropriate term year as approved and become history if replaced. All versions of the course or program are maintained: active, history or pending approval. Even if a course number is changed for a given course, the ability to track history of the course is maintained.