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Conference streams:

Streams give delegates some structure to the topics so they can zone in on what matches their interests. Rather than provide information about streams ahead of time (in the call for proposals) we will explore the possibility of identifying streams that emerge through the proposal review process.

Here are some streams from past CNIE calls, as well as known topics that are of interest. 1. Educational Technology: Possible areas include classroom design innovations, engagement technology, audio/visual tools, software, and new educational technology initiatives. 2. Teaching and Learning: Application of pedagogies in online, blended, or hybrid courses. 3. Innovations in Education: Disciplinary application of old practices in non-traditional ways. 4. Research: Research studies and theoretical explorations of educational technology pedagogy and practices. 5. Graduate Students:

1. Reflections on Practice and Research: Presentations on Institutional Projects and Individual/joint applied and pure research reports.

2. Assessment Models: Presentations and Activity Based Sessions including learning analytics.

3.. K-12 Education: Issues, Innovation and Best Practices/ Activity Based Sessions

3. Leadership and Social Change (Disruptive Innovation): Open source movement as one topic.

4. Technology and Social Learning: Open, Mobile and Global Learning

5. Learner Support and Services

6. Interdisciplinary ventures: projects or innovations involving collaboration. Share case studies of confluences of space, place or culture at your institution.