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Creating Wikis

Wikis allow course members to collaboratively contribute to and edit pages of course-related materials. Follow these instructions to create a course wiki. Only Instructors can create wikis, but anyone can create and edit pages in a wiki.

  • 1. Enable ‘Edit Mode’ and click ‘Course Tools’ in the Control Panel.

Click ‘Wikis’ to see a list of all wikis in the course.

Wiki 1.png
  • 2. Click ‘Create Wiki’.
    Wiki 2.png
  • 3. Give the wiki a name and description.
    Wiki 3.png
  • 4. Set the Wiki Availability.
  • 5. Ensure that students have access to editing and commenting.
  • 6. Edit the grading settings.
  • 7. Click ‘Submit’.
    Wiki 4.png
  • 8. Your new wiki will be listed alphabetically.

Click the title of your new wiki to add the first page, which will be the Home Page of the wiki.

Wiki 5.png
  • 9. Give the Home Page a name and enter a description or instructions into the Content Editor.

Click ‘Submit’.

Wiki 6.png
  • 10. To enable student access to the wiki, you should create a link in the Table of Contents.

Click the ‘+’ in the top left corner and choose ‘Tool Link’.

Wiki 7.png
  • 11. Give the link a name, chose ‘Wikis’ in the ‘Type’ dropdown menu.

Check the box to make the link available to users.

Click ‘Submit’.

Wiki 8.png
  • 12.The link will be shown to students in the Table of Contents.

Use the yellow handle on the left side of the link to drag the link to a new position.

Wiki 9.png

If you have questions, please contact