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Blackboard Collaborate


TRU no longer supports Blackboard Collaborate for web conferencing. Please use Big Blue Button instead.

Add a link to your session

In the list of scheduled sessions, click the dropdown arrow and choose 'Add Link'.

Bb Coll Link 1.png

Give the link a name and indicate where you want the link placed.

Bb Coll Link 2.png

Update the link details and date restrictions.

Bb Coll Link 2.png

Click 'Save'.

Access Recordings

Click the 'Recordings' tab on the Blackboard Collaborate page

Bb Coll Recordings.png

You can link to recordings in the same manner as linking to a session.

Join a Session

Your instructor should have put a link to the Blackboard Collaborate session on your course homepage, although sometimes, they may send you a direct link in an email.

Click the link on the homepage

BB Collaborate 1.png

Click the link on the session page

Bb Collaborate 2.png

If you haven't previously, click 'Download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher' and follow the installation instructions.

Bb Collaborate 3.png

OR click 'Join Room'

Open the .collab file with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.

Bb Collaborate 4.png